Features that make our credit risk assessment model the most comprehensive solution for India’s MSME landscape.

Convenience of a Rank with Granularity of a Score

13 Distinct Ranks for Precise Risk differentiation: CRIF INDIA MSME Rank provides 13 distinct ranks for precise risk assessment, catering to the diverse credit profiles within the MSME sector. This granular framework, developed with intricate understanding of the Indian MSME landscape, allows for accurate risk evaluation.

Enhanced Granularity with Commercial Risk Score: Each rank within CRIF INDIA MSME Rank is integrated with a commercial risk score, offering additional granularity for superior risk assessment and sharper profiling of borrowers within any rank. This layered approach facilitates even more precise decision-making.

Advanced Analytics Engine for sharper profiling:

CRIF Rank leverages a powerful analytics engine, incorporating advanced indicators and classifiers like: