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All the credit Information you need to enable informed decision

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Customer Acquisition

Acquire better customers and lend reliably through an informed decision using data and score. Our solutions assist you in assessing and qualifying right customers and manage your credit risk better.


Credit Information

Know more about the applicant before approving a loan using CRIF's comprehensive credit bureau reports and manage risks early. The reports come with a Credit Score, a statistical score in the RBI recommended a range of 300-900, which enables automating decisions. These reports along with credit scores help lenders evaluate borrower's creditworthiness. The reports available are Consumer Credit Information Report for (Individuals), Commercial Credit Information Report (Non-Individuals) and Microfinance Credit Information Report for Microfinance segment of applicants.



  • Establish the identity of your customer by an online verification of personal information against public data sources and credit bureau database before onboarding a customer through IDENCHECK and improve your KYC compliance.
  • Check application and identity fraud against an industry data pool on identified and suspected frauds and a variety of other data sources through SHERLOCK, a leading-edge anti-fraud solution which leverages sophisticated artificial intelligence and network analysis algorithm. Through its comprehensive data coverage and customer first approach, CRIF's anti-fraud solution enables you to control fraud rates better and deliver high value to the customers.


External Data connector

An off-the-shelf multiple data sources connector which can automate accessing a variety of data variables including multiple credit bureaus, integrating with your credit origination or management system.