Manage collections efficiently

Improve collection rates and lower your costs

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Manage your collections more efficiently by use of data, analytical and automation solutions provided by CRIF – reduce your cost and improve collection rates:


Portfolio Monitoring

The consumer is dynamic. Things can change – quickly. Constant portfolio monitoring and regular reviews of the consumer's ability to pay ensures the creation of better collection strategies. CRIF's Portfolio Monitoring service monitors account for fundamental changes that affect recovery decisions, eliminates compliance risk, foster healthy margins by focusing on accounts with a high probability to pay and foster more recoveries.


Alerts and Triggers

Proactively monitor your existing customers who are due for collections through CRIF's alerts and triggers service. The users will be informed of any updates on customer's profile and will allow you to grab an opportunity to improve on your chances of recovering dues from such customers. Additionally, keep a tab on your existing customers who are looking for new credit outside your institutions, and avoid loss of business to your competitors. 


Skip Trace

Skip Trace enables you with additional contact information on non-traceable customers, thus increasing your chances of collecting from such customers. CRIF's skip trace does an iterative search to locate customer in our large database and provide you with up-to-date contact details – making your collection process more efficient.