Automate Credit Management and Decisioning

Save Cost ,Simplify process and Serve your customers faster.

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Process Automation

Automate your credit management and decisioning with CRIF's Automation suite to standardize and simplify processes, reduce manual interventions, increase productivity, lower costs and improve turn-around times for your customers.


External Data connector

An off-the-shelf data flexible connector which can automate accessing variety of data sources including multiple credit bureaus, integrating with your credit origination or management system. This is particularly useful in automating your loan applications.



If you are looking to identify a customer uniquely across your various product portfolios and create a single-view to understand total relationship value, then OneIdentii could be the solution for you. It leverages a combination of many sophisticated identity resolution algorithms fine-tuned to work with dynamic Indian data context. This has been proven to effectively work with data of individuals as well as non-individuals.