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A credit score is a three-digit number, usually from 300 to 900, which indicates your credit worthiness. A credit score helps financial institutions understand your ability to repay, or the likelihood that you will repay loans in a timely manner. A score of 300 indicates lowest probability of timely repayment, whereas a score of 900 indicates highest probability of timely repayment. A score above 700 is generally considered good.

Your credit score is calculated based on various important parameters of your credit history, for example –

  • Your Repayment Behaviour, which indicates how regularly have you repaid debts
  • Your Credit Utilization Trend, or what percentage of your credit limit has been consumed
  • How Aggressively you have availed or retired debts
  • Your Vintage or Experience in availing or retiring debts
  • Your Credit Mix, for example, whether you have availed different types of credit over your credit history

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Personal Score Vs Business Credit Score

Your Credit Score can be of two types –

Personal Credit Score: this indicates an Individual’s creditworthiness, based on loans and credit cards availed and repaid by the Individual in personal capacity.

Business Credit Score: this indicates a company’s creditworthiness, based on commercial credit facilities availed and repaid by the company.

A good credit score improves your chances of getting credit, with other benefits for example, better interest rates, quicker disbursals. Hence, it is necessary that you maintain a good credit score. You can maintain a good credit score by following some basic steps such as

  • Repaying all your instalments and credit card dues on time
  • Maintaining a balanced utilization of your credit limits
  • Avoiding an aggressive build up of multiple new loans in a short time
  • Reviewing your Credit Report at regular intervals
  • Improving your Credit Awareness
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How do I find out my credit score?

CRIF Highmark is one of the four RBI licensed credit bureaus in India which provide personal and business credit scores. CRIF credit score is used as a reliable indicator for prudent decision making by credit grantors. Banks / financial institutions obtain an abridged credit report and CRIF Score by making an enquiry on your profile/business while evaluating your loan application. You can get both your Personal Credit Score and Business Credit Score by applying directly on our website.

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