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The expanse of our products is as varied as your needs. Right from information based products like credit bureau information, market insights, direct to consumer reports to Analytics services. 


Credit Bureau Information

As India's leading credit information solutions provider, we provide comprehensive information solutions to banks, lenders, insurance companies and telecom operators across Retail, Agri, MSME, Commercial and Microfinance lending. Credit Information Report and Scores provide users with precise, easy-to-read, and extensive information in assessing a loan application of individuals as well as non-individuals. Our Monitoring tools allow keeping a watch on the portfolio performance and identify pools of customers for specific actions such as cross-selling, recovery etc. Market Insight Reports are effective in identifying trends and industry insights in lending and across geographies.

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Identification and Anti-Fraud services

Ensuring the right identity of the customer is the first step in risk assessment. Know Your Customer is also a need because of regulatory compliance. CRIF's IDenCheck solution supports with a real-time KYC and identity verification to ensure proper identification of the customer. IDenCheck can be used while on-boarding a customer through any channel for any product. SHERLOCK brings around powerful anti-fraud solution to help detect and investigate application and identity frauds like never before. Sherlock combines the power of intelligent search algorithms and multiple data sources for a significantly better fraud-detection experience.

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MSME lending in India is a huge opportunity with unparalleled potential for growth, but also comes with unique challenges and complexities. As lending institutions cater to a diverse spectrum of borrower types, particularly in the MSME segment, a robust and objective risk assessment model becomes crucial to navigate through information asymmetry inherent to the unorganized MSME landscape.

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Deduplication Platform

If you are struggling to merge different relationships of one customer under one unique customer ID, OneIdentii is the solution for you. The solution offers a unified, powerful and scalable platform for all your deduplication needs. It is built using fuzzy but robust deduplication algorithms which can work on millions of customer data points to match and merge records with a very high degree of accuracy. The capability has been over years put to test by leading commercial banks, NBFCs, Insurance companies, telecommunications companies, and micro-finance institutions across the country.

External Data Connector

In today's world, the challenge is no longer data unavailability, but rather accessing the multiple data sources that are out there, in a logical sequence, and being able to compile the result. BureauLink offers a customizable and scalable connectivity tool that allows institutions to access multiple data sources including all credit bureaus, external KYC databases based on logical flows. It is an off-the-shelf solution which can seamlessly integrate with your LOS or LMS. A pioneer in this space, BureauLink is perhaps the most installed platform of this kind in India.