Image of 2019 Q2 IIR
MicroLend-Vol X
Q3 2019

Micro-Finance grew at 26.5% as compared to previous year. Insights on impact of socio-political factors affecting the Microfinance sector of Assam.

Image of 2019 Q2 IIR
CreditScape-Credit Cards
Dec 2019

6% higher growth over the previous year with a portfolio of Rupees 124.3k crores. ~1Mn additional credit cards will be sourced by Q4FY2021.

Image of 2019 Q2 IIR
MicroLend-Vol IX
Q2 2019

The outreach of the MFI sector increased to 6 crore live customers, with 10 crore active loans.

Image of 2019 Q2 IIR
CreditScape-Personal Loans Dec 2018

Unsecured loans (personal loans, consumer loans, credit cards) bring ~46% of the new to credit consumers, which was 37% in the previous year.

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