CRIF INDIA MSME Rank, the most comprehensive MSME credit assessment solution for accelerating your MSME lending potential.

MSME lending in India is a huge opportunity with unparalleled potential for growth, but also comes with unique challenges and complexities. As lending institutions cater to a diverse spectrum of borrower types, particularly in the MSME segment, a robust and objective risk assessment model becomes crucial to navigate through information asymmetry inherent to the unorganized MSME landscape.

Introducing CRIF INDIA MSME Rank, the most comprehensive credit default risk assessment solution tailormade for India’s credit landscape to accelerate your MSME Lending portfolio. This comprehensive credit risk assessment model empowers lending institutions to make informed and accurate credit decisions and facilitate more accessible credit to deserving MSMEs.

CRIF INDIA MSME Rank (CIMR) is a robust model for Credit default prediction and is applicable for a wide spectrum of MSME entities. CIMR is a 13-Rank Assessment model to gauge an MSME entity’s Credit repayment ability based on its credit profile, credit history and other factors.

Comprehensive Time Horizon

CRIF Rank offers a 36-month observation window combined with a 12-month performance window. This dual perspective enables predictive intelligence and proactive risk management.

Access to a larger pool of suitable borrowers

With CRIF INDIA MSME Rank, you can expand the pool of MSME credit opportunities by identifying low and very low-risk borrowers. You can also capture high-risk borrowers with greater precision for effective risk mitigation.


The CRIF India MSME Rank Structure

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