Value added Services
Value added Services
Value added Services


Business Information Reports

CRIF’s Business Information Reports helps you with In-depth credit, financial and business information on millions of companies.The reports support you in evaluating your suppliers, distributors and customers – domestic or cross-border.​

Verification Services

Designed to comprehensively match identity information and provide combination of results on each individual identity attribute.
Custom Scorecards

​From the standpoint of an efficient reengineering of all decision processes, CRIF’s credit scoring models allow the definition of a more objective, consistent credit policy and better management and communication with the commercial network. Marketing scoring models serve as a valid aid in boosting the profitability of an existing portfolio and attracting the most lucrative prospects.
Application Fraud

CRIF not only provides fraud management application solutions - identity crimes, payment card fraud, etc. - but also supports its clients in the development of best practices, in raising awareness of prevention measures, in customer portfolio monitoring, and offers consultancy services for the analysis of the whole lending process.
Credit Assist

An offline PoS Credit Policy evaluator dashboard with ability to configure and upgrade policy centrally.
De-Dupe/One View/Entity Resolution

CRIF High Mark’s Identity Resolution has robust and smart algorithms built into its system which resolves a problem that many credit bureaus face, especially in a country like India where personal details (names and addresses) can be spelt and written in many ways.
Data Quality Management

Raw, unstructured data from members is run through a data-quality check and provides an insight into the volume of highly incomplete records in the database, discrepancies with records, levels of incompleteness of data, etc.