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Identification and Anti-Fraud Solutions

Technology has been the biggest agent of change in recent times, and more so, in the financial services sector. Be it financial transactions, customer experience, marketing of new products or channel distribution, digitization has permeated all departments of finance. With terms like 'digitization' and 'cashless transactions' on the rise, most physical and time-consuming transactions have been replaced by fast and convenient, real-time payments.  But all this convenience does not come without the risk of opening new avenues for frauds. Activities such as phishing, application fraud, identity fraud, and card skimming are increasing. On the positive side, multiple security platforms and anti-fraud solutions are being devised to tackle the issue of frauds.

CRIF offers anti-fraud solutions for more accurate identity verification and anti-fraud management in the key stages of the process to help companies increase their profits, improve their knowledge of customers, and efficiently manage risk assessment.

IDENCHECK - Check PAN and Aadhaar for your customers - Improve KYC Verification and reduce frauds!

IDENCHECK allows you and your branches to verify KYC details of your customers against many Government databases at a click of a button. It is designed to enhance your existing KYC verification processes by providing digital capabilities to check against Government and other public databases. This can be used while on-boarding a customer through any channel for any product. What you get is a KYC report with details and a KYC Confidence Score for easy interpretation of the result. 

What you can check - PAN, Aadhar, Voter's ID, Date of Birth, E-Mail ID, Stability of address provided in the application.

IDENCHECK Benefits that leading Banks and NBFCs already experience:

  • Save time and reduce errors through system-based checks.
  • Improved KYC Compliance through a simple process.
  • Higher control and accountability as report history is maintained.
  • Minimize cases of Identity Frauds.

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Sherlock Lending: Empower Yourself against Application Fraud with Sherlock Lending

The fraud landscape in India is evolving. With changing business environment and rapid adoption of technology, Financial institutions are facing rising incidents of fraud. Lenders are fighting with fraudsters on multiple fronts like falsified or manipulated personal information such as name, identity, addresses, etc. What a lender needs, is a solution that is flexible and dynamic to meet the need of current and emerging realities and a solution which manages the identification and fraud prevention stages faster and more efficiently.

Sherlock Lending, CRIF's anti-fraud solution is empowered with advance features to detect and investigate application and identify fraud like never before:

  • Intelligent Search leveraging on matching, Network and Machine Learning algorithms
  • Wider Data Network: for application, identity and compliance
  • Power in your hands to manage fraud detection rules
  • Real-time Monitoring and Reviews of applications
  • Assisted Investigation on suspect list

How do you BENEFIT from Sherlock?

  • Better detection of fraud attempts - Control fraud rates better
  • Lower review time for suspicious cases - More Relevant cases for review
  • Minimum friction for the genuine customer - Customer first approach
  • Lower operational cost and higher value - Efficient & Effective
  • Self-managed configurable rules - Empower You, the User
  • Vast & ever-expanding data network - Comprehensive Data Coverage

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