Why does your business need IDenCheck?

Businesses in today’s day and age do not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to identity verification and identity fraud prevention. But how can institutions verify people remotely in this virtually connected world?

IDenCheck allows organisations to verify Customer KYC details against several Government databases at the click of a button. The IDenCheck ID verification methodology uses millions of data points including device,network, behaviour and much more to verify IDs.

IDenCheck helps organisations manage their priorities by offering a design that is smooth, user-centred ensuring every detail is captured to verify the customers. From verifying all the pertinent details to giving an accurate confidence score, IDenCheck verifies the minute details in every document making sure any dubious records are flagged immediately. IDenCheck helps companies verify the real identities of the humans behind the screens using a multi-level authentication setup to manage operations securely.

Online ID Verification highlights

We help you stay KYC compliant and stay away from identity fraud.

  1. Driving License Verification
  2. PAN Verification
  3. Passport Verification
  4. Date of Birth Verification
  5. Voter-ID Verification
  6. GST Verification
  7. Bureau Address Verification
  8. Other Fraud Checks

IDenCheck Features


IDenCheck brings digitization to identity verification, ensuring companies can get the benefits without having their personal agents conduct the same.

One stop solution

IDenCheck is a singular, comprehensive platform providing a vast umbrella of digital verification services for financial institutions.

Customer experience

With the seamless functionality of IDenCheck, companies can be assured of having a non-intrusive method to check their customers’ identities.


IDenCheck ensures companies understand the reasons for flagging out any customer & also assists in complying with different regulatory obligations.

Why should you choose IDenCheck?

KYC Checks and Authentication

Technology is offering digital transformation at an unprecedented rate. This has also opened the floodgates for everyone to keep a check on identity of personnel in the financial industry. IDenCheck offers the first line of defence in flagging any suspicious accounts, ensuring any individual with a suspicious history is restricted immediately.

Meeting regulatory obligations

Recognized by the RBI, IDenCheck verifies an individual’s name and their details across multiple portals and identity proofs. These proofs are authenticated and flagged accordingly.

Reduce business costs

There are multiple benefits of staying compliant. It significantly reduces operational costs along with effectively reducing the chances of any losses due to frauds or reputational loss. IDenCheck uses a highly dependable set of tools and technologies to carry out its identity verification processes. Keeping the Indian diaspora in mind, the solution caters to the needs of businesses with efficiency and simplicity.

Why Choose Us?

Create End-to-End Digital onboarding journeys with IDenCheck

  1. Multiple integration modes, through API and bureau portal available.
  2. Availability of verification scores to support better decision making.
  3. Customisable workflows with faster time to get to market.