Delhi NCR stays ahead of Mumbai in loan origination; Kanpur and Barabanki squeeze into top 10

Delhi NCR leads the way in loan origination, followed by Mumbai and Bengaluru in Q3 FY24 (Oct-Nov-Dec), a report released by CRIF High Mark revealed.

The report also highlighted lending trends in major cities across India, underlining the significant role played by these metropolitan areas in driving credit demand.

According to the report, Delhi NCR secured the top position in loan origination, including auto loans, personal loans, consumer durable loans, two-wheeler loans, and home loans. The capital region showcased robust growth in credit demand, reflecting buoyant economic activity and consumer spending in the area.

The total loan amount of the Delhi NCR region for Q3 FY24 is valued at Rs 61,482 crore, with auto loans, two-wheeler loans, personal loans, consumer durable loans, and home loans amounting to Rs 10,626 crore, Rs 1,916 crore, Rs 18,215 crore, Rs 3,054 crore, and Rs 27,672 crore, respectively.

Mumbai, known as the financial capital of India, secured the second position in loan origination with a total value of Rs 43,528 crore, which is 29.20 per cent lower than Delhi NCR. Mumbai was No. 1 in home loans with a value of Rs 28,154 crore.

Following closely behind, Bengaluru emerged as a key player in loan origination, demonstrating significant demand for personal loans and home loans amounting to Rs 12,077 crore and Rs 20,821 crore, respectively.

Small cities with high loan demands

Kanpur and Barabanki emerged as two other cities with high loan demand across various categories, including personal loans, home loans, and auto loans. These cities replaced Jaipur and Surat, with a total loan value of Rs 2,748 crore (Kanpur) and Rs 401 crore (Barabanki) in the given time period.

Sanjeet Dawar, MD, CRIF High Mark, stated, "It is interesting to note that credit demand during this period is not just limited to larger geographies." Kanpur and Barabanki emerged among the top 10 cities by originations (value) in Q3 FY24, he said.

Source : Zee Business, 25th April Mumbai