Micro-Finance Look For Comeback After The Floods

The asset quality of microfinance portfolios of small finance banks and non-bank microfinance institutions (together referred to as MFIs) have been improving since Dec 2018, shrugging off the Kerala Floods impact, which had cranked up delinquencies and affected borrower behaviour. Kerala state has about Rs 6,580 crore Microfinance portfolio, contributing ~4% to the overall industry. 6 of 7 worst affected districts of Kerala – Thrissur, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Idukki, Pathanamthitta  comprise 45% of state’s microfinance portfolio. “PAR1-30 had shot upto 44% by end of Sep 2018, the state has shown good resilience – it has now improved to 13% by end of Dec-18. PAR31-180 for the state now is at 2.63%”, @ParijatGarg (SVP, CRIF High Mark) was recently quoted in @Janmabhumi @Deepika @NewAge @Powran Daily.

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Micro finance to make a comeback
Publication: Janmabhumi | Kochi | Page No-06 | Circulation: 60,000 | Cat A

Micro-Finance look for comeback after the floods
Publication: Deepika | Kochi | Page No-4 | Circulation: 1,20,000 | Cat A

Micro-finance look for comeback after the floods
Publication: New Age | Kochi | Page No-8 | Circulation: 1,30,000 | Cat A

Micro finance to make a comeback after floods
Publication: Powran Daily | Kochi | Page No-04 | Circulation: 18,000 | Cat B