CRIF launches industry-first premium membership program CRIF PLUS

CRIF announced today the launch of CRIF PLUS, a premium business information membership program for its customers in Asia.

Recognizing the importance of staying ahead of the curve, CRIF has developed CRIF PLUS, which is designed to deliver a truly exclusive experience for its customers. Closely aligned with CRIF’s customer-centric values, CRIF PLUS aims to elevate the customer experience by providing exceptional service while meeting the growing demand for comprehensive business data and analytical insights.

The premium membership program offered through CRIF PLUS includes a range of member-only benefits. Members will receive a personalized service from a dedicated concierge in their home country, expedited delivery of business information reports, access to exclusive monitoring and portfolio analysis tools to manage risks, as well as member-only discounts on CRIF products and services.

Novi Rolastuti, Regional Sales Director, Business Information Services at CRIF said: “We believe that CRIF PLUS is a game-changer for our customers. It is designed to meet the high demand for expedient credit risk solutions, while raising the bar in terms of responsiveness, service and convenience. By putting the power of information into our customers’ hands at a much faster pace, we enable them to make more agile decisions.” 

Meeting the need for speed with fast-track delivery

CRIF has invested in optimizing the entire report generation process for CRIF PLUS, from data sourcing to delivery, enabling it to slash the turnaround time by one day in each market. This allows CRIF PLUS members to enjoy fast-track delivery of business information reports, a day earlier than the standard delivery time. 

Dedicated concierge and communication channels

CRIF PLUS provides its customers with access to a dedicated concierge - CRIF Advanced Research Assistant (“CARA”) - in their home country, where they can conveniently request business information reports. CARA offers a single point of contact and provides personalized services to better serve customers.

Customers can reach out to CARA by email or through a newly introduced live messaging system which uses Line in Taiwan and WhatsApp in the rest of Asia. The live messaging system is practical, efficient and saves time, enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Exclusive tools for risk management

CRIF PLUS members will have exclusive access to a portfolio analysis tool which provides an analysis of their customer base, enabling them to better understand the health and stability of their business. By identifying the best and most risky customers, they can focus their resources more strategically and efficiently. In addition, a monitoring service sends email alerts on company information changes.

This suite of analytical and monitoring tools provides CRIF PLUS customers with a holistic picture of their credit risks, enabling them to make smarter and more informed decisions to mitigate risks.

Rolastuti commented: “CRIF PLUS offers a unique value proposition that will resonate with our customers. As part of our ongoing commitment to offering an exceptional customer experience, CRIF PLUS marks a significant milestone towards our objective of becoming an industry leader in the field of business information solutions across Asia.


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