CRIF at FintechWorld 2023 in Berlin

On April 18 and 19, FintechWorld23 took place in Berlin for the first time.

CRIF was a sponsor of the event from Bankingclub. In total, almost 500 participants were on site.

Presentations were given on personal finance management, regionality in the platform age and innovative sustainability. In addition, the speakers addressed the topics of digital identities, digital marketing and metaverse - to name a small selection of the range of topics. Panel discussions were also an integral part of the congress program: This time on the topics of diversity in the financial industry and the question of opportunities and challenges for startups in 2023.

From CRIF, Alessandro Laraia, Dietmar Rupp, Philipp Bojer and Oliver Ollrogge were present.

Alessandro Laraia held the presentation "From Fintech for Fintechs - the Trends 2023" and addressed the topics ESG, digitalization, early warning and CRIF's cooperation with fintechs.