CRIF InFocus 2024

At CRIF, we believe that credit data is instrumental in transforming India's lending ecosystem, fueling significant credit growth. As digitization reshapes lending processes, the availability of accurate, current, and comprehensive data has become paramount.

CRIF hosted #CRIFInFocus, an exclusive event focused on 'Consumer Grievances, Way Forward'. This insightful session explored emerging trends in credit data reporting, navigating the evolving regulatory landscape, and identifying best practices for streamlined dispute resolution.

Ramkumar Gunasekaran, Director & Head of Sales at CRIF High Mark, kicked off the session with his insightful address highlighting the current trends and developments in the credit landscape.

Sanjoy Bhattacharjee, Bureau Management Head at HDFC Bank, delivered the keynote address focused on evolving dynamics within the credit ecosystem, highlighting the crucial role of CIs and CICs in prioritising consumer concerns.

Sunil Agithakaliya, Director of Bureau Operations Products & Data Protection at CRIF High Mark, presented valuable insights on data quality and efficient consumer grievance resolution.

A walkthrough of our upcoming Dispute Origination and Resolution system was done by Subhankar Mishra, AVP Operations, and Manish Ajwani, Vice President and Head of Products at CRIF High Mark.

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Date of the event – 12th March 2024
Venue – Jio Convention Centre, Mumbai