CRIF launches SHERLOCK Lending in India

On October 10, 2017, during the CRIF Interact event in Mumbai, CRIF officially launched SHERLOCK Lending on the Indian market, an innovative anti-fraud solution already offered in the UK. More than 85 representatives coming from 35 leading banks, non-banking organizations and some FinTech companies were eager to learn more about the newly developed anti-fraud platform and its key benefits.

Kalpana Pandey, CEO of CRIF High Mark, opened the conference explaining why the CRIF team had decided to introduce an anti-fraud solution in India, and Dhruv Chawla, Partner of PwC, delivered a keynote speech on trends and frameworks for fraud risk management. The attendees had the opportunity to listen to various panel discussions involving CRIF experts, who captivated the audience with their speech on how CRIF tries to cover market needs and how the SHERLOCK solution can help organizations efficiently identify anomalies and mitigate fraud.

Client participation during the event and the feedback received about the product was very encouraging. The audience was very interactive and some clients also requested a one-to-one presentation and a demo of Sherlock to see it in action!