CRIF India is one of India’s leading providers of Credit Information, Business Information, Analytics, Scoring, Credit Management, and Decisions Solutions.

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Credit Information-Bureau

CRIF operates CRIF High Mark,India’s leading credit bureau, which has largest database of individual records and supports millions of lending decisions every month.

Fraud Management-Sherlock

Sherlock Lending is empowered with advanced features to detect and investigate application fraud like never before.

Market Insights-Prismatic

Prismatic helps business leaders unravel insights through a user friendly, flexible and visual platform to slice and dice entire data of India's credit industry on multiple dimensions and many measurable attributes.

Decisioning solution-StrategyOne

User-friendly business solution for automating decisions that leverage data, score cards and models.

Business Information

Business Information Reports give you a wide range of credit data on your potential customers, partners, and suppliers.CRIF also includes credit rating in these business information reports to aid in your decision making.

ESG Assessment-Synesgy

Synesgy is a global digital platform that helps to assess and evaluate ESG sustainability of businesses and supply chains.

Personal Financial Management

Financial control and foresight are integral part of the CRIF PFM solution,helping retail customers achieve financial wellness and increase their value by offering relevant insights for better financial management.

Categorisation Solutions-Catch

CATCH categorisation solutions gives data insight solutions that use AI and ML technologies along with advanced analytics to extract value from customer transaction data.

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