We're here to support you through COVID-19

Dear Partner, 

Given these tremendously challenging and unprecedented times, we want to first state that our thoughts are with every family and individual impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 

Following the recent developments, we have made the decision to close our offices and implement a full work from home policy. The office closures will apply to our Mumbai and Pune offices. As an organisation, we have been preparing in advance for this scenario and are fully equipped to continue serving your needs, while ensuring the health and safety of our own people and clients. All of the CRIF India team will continue to be fully operational and reachable via their mobile phones and emails. We would also like to assure you that all our services are up and running in order to support your business needs and avoid any unwanted disruptions. 

We have designated support staff available over call to support you in case of any concerns or queries. We request you to route your queries to the following numbers in order to get a prompt response.

Team Type of Queries 1st Level of Support Escalation
Portfolio Reports Any concerns or queries on the output of portfolio reports (scrub) Telephone numbers 020-6715-7731/7739 Telephone numbers

E-mail address prscrubsupport@crifhighmark.
E-mail address sashikant.patil@crifhighmark.
Customer Support Any concerns or queries or disputes on details provided in credit reports Telephone numbers 020-6715-7705/7706/7707 Telephone numbers 020-6715-7795
E-mail address customerservice@crifhighmark.
E-mail address rosy.mishra@crifhighmark.com
Product Support Any concerns or queries related to output from any products in production (not related to UAT) Telephone numbers 020-6715-7778/7796/7797/7798/7799 Telephone numbers 020-6715-7727
E-mail address productsupport@crifhighmark.
E-mail address parag.deo@crifhighmark.com
Data Correction Any queries or concerns for data to be corrected through OLMs Telephone numbers 020-6715-7720/7778 Telephone numbers 020-6715-7781
E-mail address datacorrection@crifhighmark.
E-mail address rajendra.dhome@crifhighmark.
Data Support Any concerns or queries on data loading process, files to be uploaded, error logs or DQ reports Telephone numbers 020-6715-7794/7765/7783 (Comm/Cons/MFI) Telephone numbers 020-6715-7781 (Comm/Cons/MFI)
E-mail address datasupport@crifhighmark.com
E-mail address rajendra.dhome@crifhighmark.
Data Quality Any concerns or queries on quality of data in reports (only bulk cases, single cases to be routed to Customer Support team) Telephone numbers 020-6715-7728/7729 Telephone numbers 020-6715-7792
E-mail address dataquality@crifhighmark.com E-mail address subhankar.mishra@crifhighmark.