Business Planning

Be Informed of Market trends and Competition

Plan your business strategies more effectively with Data Insights


Business Planning

Be informed of market trends and competition. Plan your business strategies more objectively and effectively with our Market Insight Solution.

Plan your business for next year with the unique benefits brought out by rich insights created from CRIF’s vast, reliable and comprehensive credit bureau database. The insights cover variety of dimensions based on geography, industry segments, loan products, customer demographics. Empowered with such insights, you can identify geographies to enter or exit, plan your branches, design your products and policies, benchmark your business against competition and do much more.

Applicability across Business Functions

Business Planning | Risk & Credit | Marketing

Which Geographies to choose?

  • Understand potential of area before entering for branch expansion
  • Review areas of your operation for potential and risks
  • Identify lending hotspots -- Pick areas to expand or to exit
  • State, District, Block, Pin Code level analysis
  • Review performance of Urban Vs Rural portfolios

How are you doing and your competition doing in the Market?

  • Understand your market share
  • Benchmark against competition for growth and change in risk
  • Identify which type of institutions are faring better than others
  • Define your peer group and review parameters

Which loan product is doing better?

  • Understand the performance of product portfolios
  • Identify if some ticket sizes are popular and doing well as compared to others
  • How is the competition doing in the product lines of your choice
  • Identify product lines or ticket sizes to expand in or to exit from

Which type of customers to target?

  • Is the product more popular amongst younger customers or older?
  • Are older customers less risky and likely to take higher ticket size
  • Products?
  • What type of customers to target in which geographies? Understand customer profile – how many loans per customer, male or female etc

How industry has moved across Time?

  • How industry has moved across Time?
  • Review Year on Year trends