Business Information Reports
Business Information Reports
Business Information Reports

CRIF’s Business Information Reports helps you with In-depth credit, financial and business information on millions of companies.The reports support you in evaluating your suppliers, distributors and customers – domestic or cross-border.​


Our Business Information Reports are available for over 200 Million companies from over 230 Countries (including India) across the globe. Over 40,000 clients user our reports globally which empower them with business decisions.

Our report presents information in a uniform, very easy to read format to enable a quick analysis. The reports are created through our network of researches expert in local countries to provide you with rich quality of information.

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A Global platform for your Global needs

Rich Quality of Information

§  Comprehensive in-Depth report

§  Local researches, i.e. Suppliers in each respective country

§  Carry out the researches

Unique user experience

§  Easy Access though a self-service portal at a click of a button

§  Real – time reports for companies operating in many countries

§  Availability of reports accessed within 30 days

§  Periodic auto-monitoring of companies

Better Readability

§  Internationally uniform layout of reports

§  Tab based view for simple reading

§  Information structured for quick analysis of key data