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Our company

CRIF High Mark is a comprehensive information services provider across the vital segments of micro-finance, consumer and commercial.

We are India's leading credit information solutions provider. We have the most exhaustive and extensive databases in India providing top-end and in-depth information solutions to banks and lending institutions ranging from micro-finance, consumer and commercial segments.

Our one-stop credit information solutions and packages have been developed in-house and through a rigorous bottom-up process that focused on collating scores of data points for each record before setting up our systems and technology to process them.

Our information tools provide users with precise, easy-to-read, and extensive reports that enable any financial services organization to process information quickly and accurately. Our analytics tools are highly effective in identifying high risk customers, and forecasting trends on geographies, recoveries and lending.

This gives CRIF High Mark the edge in providing integrated data solutions tailored across verticals and customised to the needs of all kinds of financial services firms.

Our history and background
High Mark was founded in 2007 and received a Certificate of Registration from The Reserve Bank of India to operate as a Credit Information Bureau in India in 2010.

In June 2014, CRIF, a leading global company that specializes in the design, development and management of credit reporting, business information and decision support systems for Consumer & Commercial Lending, acquired a majority stake in High Mark.

CRIF, operates in 4 continents supporting more than 6,300 banks and financial institutions and 44,000 companies. CRIF manages credit bureaux in Italy, the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic. The company has been involved in the development of credit bureaus in Ireland, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, Russia, Morocco and Benin. It is the market leader in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and is one of the main international players for business & commercial information and credit & marketing management services. CRIF is an independent company with 90% of its capital held by founder members and management, and the remaining 10% by various credit institutions.

Following the acquisition, High Mark Credit Information Services was renamed CRIF High Mark Credit Information Services, bringing together advanced identity management technology from its existing research team and drawing global best practices in top tier bureau technology from CRIF S.p.A, with an aim to create India's most innovative credit bureau.

CRIF High Mark's highly talented, motivated and experienced team is backed by CRIF’s global expertise, an experienced Board of Directors, and a community of investors comprising top financial institutions in all relevant segments.

Our key operating principles
In keeping with being a custodian of valuable private and sensitive information, and being a premier credit bureau, CRIF High Mark has adopted four Operating Principles.

Reciprocity: CRIF High Mark will follow the "Principle of Reciprocity˜ in its dealings with members. This implies that, Institutions can access credit information supplied by CRIF High Mark, subject to their Membership and Sharing of data with CRIF High Mark. However, Specified Users (as per CICRA) will be exempt from this requirement.
Neutrality: CRIF High Mark is a neutral service provider. It will treat all members and borrowers with honesty, transparency and without any bias.
Efficient Consumer Dispute Handling: CRIF High Mark will attempt to efficiently and promptly resolve requests / complaints from consumers.
Security Standards: Inviolable security is core to CRIF High Mark's business and operations. CRIF High Mark follows the highest standards of security, at all levels, functions and in all areas of its organization. Further, CRIF High Mark will also work with its members to help achieve iron-clad security.

We have high quality and compliance benchmarks
Only bureau in India to be certified as being compliant to ISO27001:2005, Information Security, as applicable under Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act (India, 2005) and Data Protection Act (UK, 1998).